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I'm not organising a birthday, can I still use

Absolutely! While we like to help you find a great venue for your birthday (and all venues we list welcome 21st birthdays), you're more than welcome to use our listings to contact venues about any ol' celebration! Wedding receptions, hens and bucks nights, product launches, bar mitzvahs, office parties and many other celebrations are welcome at most venues. If you're not sure, feel free to contact the venue you're interested in and ask their function manager directly.

I run/manage/promote an awesome venue, how can I list on

I'm glad you asked! Have a gander at our advertising options in each city - Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. I hope you'll see we offer a great way to get your function venue in front of people who are actively booking a venue (for a variety of uses).

How many people does your venue hold?

I think you might be a little lost. I'm not a venue owner or function manager. Please click the Venues tab above to find venues in your city. You can then browse the listings for a venue(s) that you think would be appropriate. Once you've made it to an individual venue page, you can quickly and easily contact the function managers - for free - by filling out the online form at the top-right of the venue page. This is also a great time to ask the function managers any additional questions you might have too.

Do you serve liquor?

Again, I'm not the venue! You may want to contact the function manager directly (see above). As a general rule, venues serve alcohol. If this isn't what you're after, please mention this in your discussions with the function manager.

Why did you make this website? launched in early 2009, to little fanfare, because we thought there needed to be an easier way to organise and prepare for birthday parties in Melbourne. is a website of Melbourne Nightlife, who's stated aim is to "help Melburnians get killer hangovers, quicker". We think fits into this goal, 'cause, well, it's about organising birthday parties - and aside from some bizarre rituals before marriage - they seem to be some of the better parties we've ever been to! So please, feel free to use our website to hunt down your next birthday venue and easily review details like capacity, availability and cost.

In late 2011 we extended our reach to all the great capital cities of Oz. That means we can help you find the ultimate party pad in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth and Sydney! (Oh, and I've listed those cities in alphabetical order! Not because this Melbourneite likes Sydney least... mmmkay? No, really. You've got quite a nice place up there. Glad we got that cleared up.)

And if something isn't listed on the individual bar or pub page, we make it nice and easy to contact the venue manager directly at absolutely no cost. Zero, Nada, Ziltch. It's quick and painless, and you can go back to whatever it is you normally do when you're not planning your next awesome birthday celebration.

Are you available on the Xth of March? Xth of September? New Years Eve?

Maybe. But you probably want to ask the venue that, not me. Please find a venue you're interested in and fill out the contact form on the venue page to reach out to the venue's function manager directly. This is a free service.

I contacted the venue, but I haven't heard back...

Houston, we have a problem! If the venue hasn't contacted you back within three business days, please contact our good friends at Partystar to get them to chase it up for you. They're good people, you'll like them.

I love your site! Can I link to it?

Of course you can! In fact, we love it and encourage it! Although please link to the main page or guides pages only - as venues can come and go like the wind! If you've got a blog or website and you'd like to add a link to us, feel free to copy the following code:
<a href="">Free Party Venue Comparison</a>
Which should look like this:
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If you're feeling particularly generous with your affections, please consider sharing on social media.

I have another question you didn't answer! Wha...?

UPDATE 2018 Please contact the function manager manager directly by filling out the contact form on the venue page you're most intersted in - that will ensure your enquiry reaches the venue quickest, and ensures a speedy response.

If it's not related to a specific venue, feel free to mail me. Just be aware I can be pretty slack getting back in contact with people. And no, I'm not organising your party for you - this is for questions related to the website only (please don't make me regret putting my private email on the internet for anyone to see). Also, as a head's up, I don't have magical powers and cannot read your mind. I've also mentioned I'm not associated with a particular venue, right? You're not going to email me asking me to find you a venue, are you? No? Great!

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Birthday party?
my Birthday Venue is to party planning what coffee is to your average Melburnian office worker. Maybe. I never was so good at analogies.


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